The Rotary Club of Bedford Park

Environmental Best Practice Guidelines for Rotary Clubs
  1. Use e-mail for written communications where possible both for communications between club members, with other clubs and with District Officers. Try to reduce the use of letters in envelopes.

  2. Publish members' e-mail addresses in district directories.

  3. Only print when genuinely required. Where printed papers are required, print double-sided wherever possible.

  4. If additional meetings are needed, try holding them by e-mail. The disciplines required will be different but it can be done and can be time saving.

  5. Enable club officers to produce club stationery on their own PCs rather than having to use pre-printed stationery.

  6. Try to minimise the environmental impact of club events without detracting from the quality of experience. Give thought to choice of materials, location, transport arrangements etc.

  7. Adopt the principle of 'Reduce, Re-use, Recycle' to materials usage.

  8. Encourage members to reduce personal environmental impact by adoption of environmental criteria in personal decision making.